Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crossing Boundaries with The Carpenter

My relationship with the Carpenter has become too comfortable. We spend almost every night together now. to the point where, we are not having sex every night. we are actually just . . . sleeping.
The lines have started to blur between Lover, Friend, & Boyfriend. I'm not sure if he might actually be interested in more, or if he's just using me for my bed.(cuz my bed is hella comfy yo!)

He called me one night. I could hear an echo on the line. So, I asked if he was working on the big house (he's currently working on a big empty house as his main flip job)
his reply: "No, I'm in the bathroom pooping."
Me: "TMI!!!"  start laughing hysterically, cuz fart jokes and potty humor get me every time.
Him: "Why? Everybody does it"
Me: cracking up laughing, as I tell my roommate sitting next to me where he is. I say to him "Dont call me from the bathroom! Jesus."
A Note to all men: calling a girl from the bathroom is definitely crossing the line! in a bad way.

I called him on being overly attached one night. I said he couldn't come over because I was with someone else.
He made some snappy reply.
I asked if he was upset.
He said: "Not really, u"
Then I told him I didnt really have someone over - yes, I was playing games to see how he really feels. Sneaky me. 
His reply to that was, He "wouldn't really tell me if he was ;)" . . .
and now we've gone from lovers to ... something more, but not quite committed.

I don't trust myself with loving you...

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