Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bridge Boy: the Thing between us

The other night he sent me a text asking when I was hitting the sack.
I replied, "now, wiped out"
He then said: "i'm sleepy too. Im getting used to falling asleep with you"
-there he goes, being cute and needy again.
This made me cringe a bit. I didnt want him there. I wanted a night off from him. I am not feeling this thing thats happening between us. So I told him I was already in bed, and I'd talk to him the next day.

Another night he sends me a text:
"My dad called me tonight. Said if you're gonna be my girlfriend lol and we are serious about each other he wants us over for dinner. :p"
I then shoved my foot in my mouth and replied : "lol nice."
He replied: "Not interested?"
Me: "Maybe"
him.... no response.... 2 hours go by, and now I'm feeling bad.
He clearly wanted me to say "yes I'd love ever so much to be your girlfriend *big-shiny-eyes and batting lashes* but I didn't, and now he's upset or offended by my response.
So I sent him another text, asked if he was still up, and we chatted a bit about nothing. He's let it go for now. but im sure this will arise again...

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