Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bridge Boy the Set U:p

I have a dating rule: Never date a man you meet at the bar.
They are there for the wrong reasons, and you will end up having a purely sexual relationship. which is fine if you are down with one night stands. So If a guy asks me for his number, I usually give him the local cab company's number.
I told Bridge Boy of my trick one night when trying to ensure him I am not seeing anyone else, and that I can be trusted when out with my friends.

*** cut to weekend***
I went out with friends on the weekend, and didnt invite him.- i needed some fun time with just myself and my friends - when I told him I was going out,he was offended that I didnt want him around, and then he said "you better be giving out fake numbers tonight".
This comment was in reference to my usual escapades with men I meet at the bar.
I replied "are you trying to claim me?"
He replied: "I thought that was a given"
I replied: "awe thats so sweet"-and avoided any further response. I'm not ready to be labeled as a "We" just yet.

***Cut to next morning***
He picked me up and took me out for breakfast. we sit down at a table at the restaurant, and he gets a text from his Big Brother. . . who is in line with his fiance at the same restaurant, ...and they want to know if they can "crash our date". . . it's a set up.

I've avoided meeting his family, or going to his house this far. He's told his family all about me already. I haven't spoken of him to anyone but my roommates - unavoidably so as we all live together and he's there Every Day -. I am trapped. They are here, I cant say no. so, I say I dont mind, smile politely, and put on my Poker face.

Game: Bridge Boy 1, Single Girl 0 - well played Bridge Boy, well played.

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