Monday, January 9, 2012

My Girl .... The End

Over the weekend, I blew off my girl one last time. I was out with friends on Friday night, and My Girl wanted me to get up early the next morning and work out with her. like super early. sometimes i like to be with my friends, with no attachments, and just have fun.

I told her I didnt plan on being functional that early, and we would rain check.
her reply: "No Rain check"

and that was it.

I spent that saturday, and the Sunday alone. (Well, not completely alone. Bridge boy came over and we hung out for a couple hours on sunday... but still no action) So I spent the 2 days, just at home with my own thoughts and feelings. chilling out to movies with my roomie. and I realized, I am happy being alone. for the first time ever, I am not lonely, and i dont need anyone else. I liked having the day to myself, and having no one to cater to. no one to please but myself.

I found a quote online:
"Everyone's in a relationship and I'm just sitting here like . . .'I Love my Dog'. "
And you know what? My little puff ball is, and probably will always be, the only perfect little man. He's all I need.

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  1. I dont think being single means alone at all, glad you know it now too!

  2. Reading this was so nice...I'm striving to feel like that. Also, love the new purple layout!