Saturday, December 17, 2011

Farari-Bling : Christmas 2011

I was writing out my Christmas cards, and I came to my little brothers name. He's been with the same girl since high school, 7 years. and He really loves her and wants to marry her.

and I started tearing up, because, I still have a little piece of bling locked away in a safety box that will never make me happy they way He and his girl are happy.

I thought to myself, it's time to quit crying over spilled milk.

So I called up my little bro. and had a life changing conversation with him.
I went to my safety box and pulled out my lovely 1ct diamond ring that Big D had given me 2 Christmases ago.
And I took it to be traded in.

My little brother will be proposing to his girlfriend sometime in the near future. and I'm glad I could help make this happen. If the Farari SportsCar was a Trinity Diamond Engagement ring, this would be it.

I have a little more piece of mind knowing the ring has made someone happy this year. It used to sit in that box and weigh on my mind with sadness. Giving it to my brother has turned something that made me cry, into something that makes me smile again.

oh, and I even had a little left over for some bling for me :)
Bella Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Thanks for being a douche Big D.
My family has gained more from your failed promise than you'll ever know.
*mischievous smile*

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  1. That's amazing! The true meaning of Christmas is giving happiness. You did an incredible thing:)