Monday, December 19, 2011

Steve Brady - The Hot Nerd

David Eigenberg plays Steve Brady from Sex&theCity. He was one of the first nerdy but worthy guys that light up our t.v. screens in the 90's and showed us how the nerd can be a total catch too.

2 of the guys I've been seeing have similar personalities to the Steve character from S&TC. Sometimes my life mimics this show more than I think is normal...

Ducky and I met for breakfast one morning, and hit it off a second time round. Its perhaps one of my more odd picks for men. He's got that Steve Brady, nerdy, funny guy, wholesome and quirky with a hot body thing happening. and I kinda like it.

But most of all, we click personality wise. and that seems to be a big part of what I like about him so far. (if only he wasn't 22 and in the military.)

Mr. Nightlife lives the life of the nerdy but cute bartender Steve Brady. We have fallen into a schedule much like the one of Miranda and Steve when they first started dating. I work early morning and days, while he works long late nights. and somehow we try to meet in the middle.

MR. Nightlife also has the weird but very pleasing and caring personality of Steve Brady. Again, I like this guys personality more than his looks. He's been super patient with me, while I decide what I want from our relationship. He's smart and funny. And I probably should give him a little more attention.

maybe one of these guys will be my next big thing...

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