Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Catching the Wedding Bouquet

One of our Derby Dolls, Mo'Rocko, got hitched! It was the most fun wedding I've been to yet.

Our team showed up in vintage outfits, with Hats, Gloves, and our Skates! We did a photo shoot with skates on, all flashy around the Bride. It was so much fun! *pictures to come!*

and then came time for the bouquet toss. For Single girls everywhere, this is either your highlight or low light of the night. You're either the type to kill for that bouquet, or you stand near the back with a fake smile trying to look inconspicuous while avoiding the bouquet coming your way. I'm of the latter description.

As I stood there, mid Bouquet toss, I saw my single life flash across my face. With every inch that boquet dropped down into the hands of a single girl ahead of me, I saw myself being epically single for a long time to come. It dropped about 10 feet ahead of me. and I thought to myself; this must be how far I am from finding a solid relationship - 10 feet = 10 years... or more?

That night I went home and invited Mr. Nightlife over. Something about weddings, makes you want to cuddle up to someone. . .

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