Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Nightlife

We met for drinks at a newly opened wine bar. John Mayer was playing in the background, and politicians were spending our tax dollars on their regular social night out. It was a very swank place to be.

He was a gentleman and picked up the tab. He knew all the bar staff, and we closed the place down. Then wandered over to a second bar and drank a few more rounds while his staff buddies cleaned up shop for the night. He seemed to have all the right connections. He manages a well-to-do dining establishment in our city, and makes a bit of cash doing so. This is how he came to be Mr. NightLife; or as my friend T-Fras likes to call him - Nighthawk.

His annoying habit is that he likes to throw his money in your face while trying to show you how awesome he is. I think we would have clicked better if he wasn't so flashy all the time. and He's over eager to please. always saying things like "Ill pay. Ill pay for your friend too".

I definitely like being spoiled by my partner. but I also like being able to give back. And want someone who is self assured. I'm not much of a cheerleader. You'll have to take a chill pill if you want to roll with me.

and the main deal breaker for me: He smokes. It's just gross kissing a smoker.

perhaps I should call him Mr. Too-Much-Flash.

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  1. HAHAHAHA! NightHawk! I agree but he was so so nice to you. Eager to please lol. Smoking is GROSS tho.