Friday, November 4, 2011

The 30 year old Virgin

He tells me I'm Pretty.
He takes me out on expensive dates.
He always pays.
He can attend any party as my date and fit in or socialize flawlessly.

We havent even kissed and it's been over a month and multiple dates.
We slept in the same bed together after a party. On opposite sides of the bed! Never touched once! He never tries to make a move. and doesn't seem to get the hint when I drop multiple flirts right in his lap. Example: Me- "Lets go back to my place" - His answer, "its ok, ill just get a cab home from here"

So He has been named the 30 Year Old Virgin.

But it brings me to a theory of the "Nice Guy"
am I being the idiot girl who "Friend Zones" the guy because he's too nice.(and kinda clueless)
is he playing his cards very carefully so as not to ruin it?
or is he just hopeless.

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