Friday, August 19, 2011

What Men Want

Tips and tricks for women who feel like they are missing out on something.

As I've been dating, a few things have become reoccurring trends in the dating scene. Today I'm focusing on how to get and man and exactly what it is they are looking for.

Its as simple as these two things: Teeth & Tan
and a secret something else...

#1. Every man I go on a date with, compliments me on my perfect smile, and my white teeth. It seems to be an anomaly to find a girl with good teeth these days, from what these guys tell me.
and I myself consider teeth to be a deal breaker. If the guy lights up a smile and is missing a few or is super crooked; I'm probably gonna avoid any kind of mouth to mouth contact in fear of obtaining a cavity from this horrible scene.

So Ladies. do yourself a favor; splurge on your teeth, get your company plan together and max out those dental benefits, or invest in some crest white strips! That's all it takes.

#2. Tanning. Tha Boyz LUVZ tha Tan lines! or should I say - lack of- tan lines.
Let's face it - hot weather = hot people in skimpy everything.
and a girl with a good tan - spray or base - is a huge turn on for a man because it signifies that she cares how she looks and goes the extra mile to keep her skin glowing fresh.

The men I have dated always mention how sexy a tan line is, and how even more sexy it is when you are completely tanned- no tan lines at all. Its a sign of confidence ~

#3. men LOVE confidence. If you can strip down and get a fresh tan on; the guys are gonna notice when you are in the sack making sexy love :) guaran-fuken-tee it! If you front that smile the second he walks in the door - no matter how horrible your days was - he will feel loved and excited about you.

These tricks together make for the perfect playmate; and a keeper. Your boyz gonna love you if you invest in yourself.
Enjoy the rest of the summer sunshine and be a proud sexy biotch! Confidence is the ultimate secret to life and relationships. My Ladies....You are, and always have been, a sexy biotch. dont forget it!

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