Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girlfriends Guide to Fit and Fabulous

Here is my secret to buns of steel, and how I stay fabulous.

I'm a girl who does not love to sweat. The only work out I do without cringing is Roller Derby Practice. It's fast paced, high intensity, and you learn a new trick at almost every practice. And the outfits are way more exciting. I don't do sweat pants well, so this gives me the perfect opportunity to get a workout while wearing fish nets, tutus and skimpy booty shorts. The big key to roller skating is the position in which you skate - the squat position. This works out your thighs and legs muscles like crazy, as you hold that position for close to an hour each practice.

And when I'm not on skates, I'm in heels. Heels instantly make your leg muscles pop. They make you look and feel sexier. I've been known for walking my dog up hill in heels. I love the burn it gives; it's like a constant stair master.
And Dancing with the girls is always a must in heels. after a night at the bar, I can feel my legs ready to give out on me as I hoof it up the last mile of hill back to my house.

Roller Skates and High Heels. These two things are how I keep myself trim and toned. it's simple and it works. No grungy gym with juice monkey men staring at me. No long sweaty hours on a treadmill. Just simple fun.

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