Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation Fun. Some of the "Must Do" List Completed

On my Victoria BC Trip I've mamanged to complete some of my big adventure wishes.

I Took a wine tour over the Cobble Hill area, where we hit 8 different winery's, and had entirely too much wine. It was a great way to start my trip! Attended a fabulous Fine Arts Show in Sook BC.

Went Whale Watching with a great friend. Saw Killer Whales and Seals. We completely over dressed for the event; which turned into a total Diva Disaster, as we were soaked witin the first 5 minutes of the trip.

Tried Japanese food at a Japanese steakhouse where they cook right in front of you, and do all kinds of fun tricks with the knives and food.

Zip Lined through trees around 350 feet above the ground.

Hikedked to a lake where we swam with fishies, and rock climbed to get the best sunny spot.

Toured many little antique and gift shops, where i found hilarious items like this lovely wine opener;

and ate at so many amazing local secret spots.

Life is Good. Carry On.

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