Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation Escapades

sometimes it's fun to be naughty.

I'm staying with my big bro on vaca in BC.
Problem number 1 - he has referred to me as his slutty sister one too many times before introducing me to his hot friends. When I arrived He made some cracks about worrying that I would show up in a skanky outfit and he wouldn't be able to take me anywhere.
He clearly has no idea who I am.
Yes I may have a few scandalous bar outfits which circuit my personal FB profile, but I usually show up in a fabulous pencil skirt and flouncy top for first meet and greet occasions. I prefer the sophisticated look, over the trashy one.

So I got a little sisterly revenge on him the other night. He has this one very handsome single friend. While out at wing night - where they served 50 different kinds of wings- with one too many orange flavored beers, I cozied up to this sexy man.

Problem number 2. most men are terrified of my big brother. hes big and burly. and has often threatened his friends not to go near me.

But that didn't deter me from my mission. I'm here to have some fun. lets go boys! So, Sexy man-friend and I spent the night sneaking off together.
At 6am, he snuck out, but big bro an sister-to-be heard him leave. hehe oops. My sister-inlaw-to-be is pretty awesome right now; because she totally covered for me, and told Big Bro that it was just their roommate leaving early for work. Big Bro chose to believe this story.

life is so much more entertaining when you are having sneaky fun with cute boyz.

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  1. I love this! The only person I sneak around with is my hubby the race track, lol.