Monday, July 25, 2011

Strong and Single much as I've had a blast on my vacation. I've still had a little sad spot that carries on with me through this time.


This vacation was a first of many things for me. The first time I traveled completely alone. The first time I got off a plane and didnt have the love of my life waiting with open arms at the other end. The first time I jumped from a 350 foot tree top, and from a tall Lakeside cliff into the unknown. The first time I met my big brothers new lin-laws.

I've definitely enjoyed discovering my strong independent side. but it's lonely up here in the tree tops of the steel jungle.

I've been on so many bad first dates in the last 3 months, that it seems so ridiculous to want this so badly. To want someone to spend my days and nights with. to share the fun and laughs with. to hold my hand when i get on the plane and fly off to a new adventure together.

I feel a lot like Charlotte from Sex and the City these days. Hopelessly in love with being "In Love".


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