Sunday, July 3, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

I officially said good-bye to my bridal life this weekend.
I had some of my best friends help me set those empty dreams on fire and say good-bye forever.

I threw the last of our engagement cards and pictures into the fire along with some of the decorations labeled with our names and the date on them. With each one, I told the stars how much of a douche bag he was. and at the end I felt great!

My favorite quote of the weekend came from my daddykins: *in a thick and stern doctor like Africaans accent* "Has Big D. figured out his sexual orientation yet?"
Everyone at the cottage burst out laughing hysterically. My father is proud and proper; and would never say anything like this to anyone! He has a serious hate on for that douche for breaking my heart. You go Daddykins!

We also got to torch some of my rents old furniture. So it was a real scene to remember!

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow tho. My friends all got badly sunburned at the beach, and we couldn't do anything for the rest of the weekend, cuz they were tired and sore. I barely even got a crisp on. Damn this African skin....

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