Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I was pouting because sometimes you just need a man in your life. and sometimes you feel ugly... it's just a thing that happens. it takes over your soal, and you veg out with a bucket of ice-cream. or in my case, a bottle of wine.

I remembered an article I read a few months ago on online-dating. The woman writing the article was in a committed relationship and had never had the "pleasure"- as she called it - of online dating. She cited the perks and adventure behind it. If you call choke-a-bitch and 40-year-old-virgin an adventure, then sure.

But I thought to myself. why not!?! I'm just sitting here being a mope. let have some fun.
-and perhaps i have a secret motive: to make a connection in BC before I arrive on Vaca, So I have a friend to hang out with while big bro is at work during the week.

as I finished signing up and clicked send, I almost instantly got the confirmation "Bling" inbox on my crackberry. "Notice from OnlineDatingSite: Congratulations! You are now a whore!"

oh joy...

well, onwards and upwards my fashionable friends! Let the dating games begin-again.

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