Saturday, June 11, 2011

Style Fix and tattoo desires

Here is my latest date outfit.

What I've realized about men who are serious about a relationship; is that, those men will take you out for lunch and pay- Lunch being the key time factor, and a cozy place quiet enough to chat. Opposed to the guys who meet for a late night rendezvous and through to many drinks your way.

So I've classed it up a bit before these lunch dates.
Here, I wore the skinny jeans with a sweet red satin top, with black belt and black heels.
and as usual, my hair is like a huge lions mane. All I can do is let it flow.

i guess the trick with a serious love interest is to not over do it the first date. I've wasted hours on primping only to end up on a horrible date with a man wearing hunting gear before.

And then, if the date goes well, you should spice it up on the second date :)
I recommend a gallery expo, where you can wear a cute sophisticated dress and heals. then you're ready for dinner and drinks after.

~side note:
I really want a new tattoo. A Lion with a big fabulous Mane.
I'm in LOVE with this one from Shooting Star Tattoo Gallery

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