Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer To Do's

My Summer Must Do List:

1. Go Sky Diving
Picture from Skydive Moncton
2. Attend an ultimate pool party - successful!
Picture Via cute-pets
3. Reach my Goal Body Shape - almost there :)
4. Host and Party at A Blinged Out Birthday Bash
Picture Via Donna Makes Cakes
5. Attend a Fabulous Tubing Party
Picture Via Cake Design Ideas
6. Mow my lawn successfully.
(so far it just looks patchy. I could never be a hair dresser :P)
Picture Via My Zen Cupcake

7. See Family from South Africa,
whom I haven't seen in 18 years!
8. Learn French and get my Bilingual Certification
9. Spend Labor Day Weekend in NYC!
From CDTours

My List this year is small but mighty.

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