Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Rambling

I am lacking in Blog ideas lately. or maybe I'm just drinking way to much...

So Here's a random rambling for you!

I had a pretty awesome Birthday weekend.
As of 4am South African Time on this date; I am now officially 26years old.


and my dishwasher broke the night of my big house party.... F***!
so what did I do the day after the party? hand washed over 30 champagne glasses. Oh how joyous is this life...

I also have Ants... I remember why I dislike Summer sometimes. Those bastards are everywhere!

Mr. Random Raccoon came to visit me one rainy afternoon. here's his pics:
He decided I should move out and let him live in my car-port....
But then he left, cuz I wasn't cool enough. and probly found some other trash-queen to harass..

and yes, I am still taking care of Big D's puppers. but he goes home today. and hopefully I will never see that bastard again!

now I'm off to a backyard patio and drinks by a pool. Cheers!

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