Friday, June 24, 2011

Confessions of a Drunk Girl

last night I think I may have harassed the whole city.

Today I'm playing damage control after texting every man I've seen in the past 4 months! ugh!

Lets start with my Ex Big D.
- Dont know why. But i txt him and told him about my new man I'm dating. also told him we broke up. why i dont know. I suck!
So today, he txts me back saying" your life doesnt suck. You are the strongest woman I know and if you cant make it, no one can. You are great!"

Seriously!!??? I hate how nice that bastard is sometimes!

Then there's my guy friend who is newly engaged.
- I may have told him to leave that bitch for me. haha oops....

And now, my date from last week who stood me up - for the second time!
- I totally called him out on standing me up. and was like "Why'd you ditch me? am I ugly? just wondering."
He text me back today saying he had a bball dinner. and planned on leaving early, but then got talked into going to the club with his team friends. (he also never goes to the clubs! so this is shocking)
So I replied - well thanks for letting me know douche bag!

And I lost my house keys...
So I had to break into my house at 2am this morning.
I was wearing a tight short black dress, scaling my house to climb in an open window. Naturally, and gracefully, I fell in face first, and probably mooned anyone who was watching at this point. FML.

Then proceeded to call my big brother, who lives in B.C., and cry my eyes out for another hour or more. But out of that conversation, came some good. We made a plan for me to take some time off and go visit him in BC. I'm going in July. This will be good.

This morning I slept in. F*** And got to work an hour late. Completely hung to the Ova! But my boss took me out for b-fast. I love my job!

Tomorrow is my Blinged out Birthday Bash. Everyone please pray we have no more nights like the last...

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