Friday, March 18, 2011

Let the Bachelorette Weekend Begin!

Travels to Moncton and Halifax NB this weekend will be quit roudy and adventurous with my best sorority ladies in tow. It's our Sorority SisterAmor's Bachelorette !!! Classy Sex&theCity Theme!

Time for the comfy travel outfit:
Cotton fitted top and tights. easy, simple, classy.

My big decision of the weekend will be which dress to wear. I have a gold multi-way dress from Victoria's secret. a Black sequined dress which I've sported a few times already. And a More sexy/racy tube style black and white mini.

Not to mention the 5 pairs of shoes I packed. maybe I'll take a pic of my bag. sounds like a good idea. maybe not tho. We'll see.

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