Monday, March 21, 2011

Bachelorette DeBrief

The Bachelorette Was AMAZING!!!

We had a Limo To and From the bar. Our Driver, Drew, was amazing!!! He took us on a tour of Halifax before the bar. We made many stops and had many photos taken. He shared his life story with us. Me met Celine Dion, and Condoleezza Rice! And on the way home, we took a tour downtown, and had a grand tally of 5 people moon our Limo! lol.Taboo Night Club is where we spent the night Dancing. It's a posh upper class bar, very fancy dress code; and very expensive drinks. I bought a bottle of wine for the ladies, and it cost 40$ for the cheapest bottle. but so worth it! They served everything in Wine or Martini glasses. Non of that plastic cup junk you get at regular dance bars.

And I spent hundreds of dollars Shopping!!! of course. who would have anticipated anything different?
H&M and Costa Blanca are my fav's!

Another Bachelorette Down, at least 2 more to go this year. :)

*All Picture Via Google Search*

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