Monday, March 14, 2011

Roller Derby Updates :D

Roller Derby League has stepped up our game, and Practice has gotten a lot more intense. It's all about endurance and speed now. We are gearing up for the assembly of our Travel Team. Tryouts for this are coming upt soon and they have been drilling us till we die from the pain.

We learned a new technique this week: Smearing. It's much like the booty block, but much more effective. and it looks like it sounds, lol. The boys will be loving our games come Bout time, and all the smearing action going on round the track.

My big accomplishment of the nights practice on Sunday was: 21 Laps in 5 minutes. Which is better than my first attendpt, October 17th - 25 laps in 7.8 minutes.
The ultimate goal here is to get 25 laps in 5 minutes. I'm so close. We can do this!

Check out The "New Skids ong the Block" Montreal's Travel Team, new video below

and check this out:

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