Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Cake by Petit Gateau Sucre

Big D. and I had our Cake Tasting tonight. *This is a MUST before putting down a deposit on any catering orders*

It also helps to have your cake made locally, or by a friend. This saves on cost.

I want my wedding cake to be a surprise for my guests, so all I'm going to tell you is this:

Petit Gateau Sucre

Check this Fab lady out! She's new to the cake world but she is AMAZING!!!
She makes fun flavors like Plain Jane, Rainbolicious and Bunny's Delight!

We sat down and shuffled through a few dozen cake pictures I had picked out of Bridal Magazines. Then she drew out a sketch of what I described as my ideal cake. It's going to be Amazing and Delicious!!!

Here are some pictures we used to create the main idea for our wedding cake:

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