Friday, February 18, 2011

ATTN: Credit Card Theft

Some of you know, My fiance and I have recently returned from Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

It is upsetting to report that my Fiance has become a victim of Credit Card Theft.

He got a call today from the bank with a statement saying someone with a UK address attempted to max out his Credit Card. The strange address and large amount paid to an online gambling site was what alerted his bank to call him immediately.

We only used his credit card once or twice in the Dom.Rep. We are very lucky this person did not get away with more.

I want everyone to be very careful with their assets. You never know who might target you. You might feel safe and secure on vacation; but the truth is, people at these resorts live for this kind of thing. Both the workers and the people on vacation.

It was also a big thing to "lose" your sunglasses at the resort we stayed at. You would put them down, take a nap on the beach, go for a swim, or to the lunch buffet; and come back to find them gone. I'm lucky to only have lost 1 pair of Chanel sunglasses during my trip. (I was still pissed, I really liked those glasses :( )

This is utterly disgusting! You gamblers out there with your horrible addictions! I feel bad for you, having to seal to fill your needs. Or you sick bastards who just like to ruin someones vacation by stealing their sunglasses! You think it's small and harmless; But you are an Asshole!

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