Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happiness: Brides, Derby Girls, and Work!

Today I attended my firend's Bridal shower. Weddings make me smile so much!
I'm wishing the best for my friend A. and her Hubby-To-Be R.

My fellow Derby Girls are currently traveling home from a Fabulous weekend in Boston where they attended a Bout: Boston Massacre v. New Skids on the Block + Cosmonaughties v. Nutcrackers ! and those who could not attend that trip are working very hard on their Booty Blocking at Practice tonight!

My very exciting news today; All the positive enegry I begged for earlier this week payed off: The Kidney Foundation of Canada has hired me on to do their Fundraising!!! It's a dream job. All my life I've spent volunteering with every cause I could find. Now someone is actually going to pay me to do what I Love and Do best!!!
Thanks for all the positive vibes this week guys! I'm going to send it back your way now!


  1. That would be such an amazing job to have. Congrats!
    Wish I could've been at the bridal shower :(

  2. Thank you for your positivity and best wishes! It was lovely to have you at the shower, more fun to come :)