Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yay, it's almost Christmas Time Again!

Big D. and I bought 2 new blow-up yard displays for x-mas! We set them up last night to make sure they work :D
I had to beg him in the store to buy these. They are somewhat tacky, but so utterly cute!
The picture is horrible, but for now it will do.

#1: 6ft Noah's Ark, with all the animals wearing x-mas hats, and ornaments on the boat. I love Noah's Ark! Big D. doesn't think it's very Christmas-y, But it's a Bible story, so it relates close enough for me.

#2: 8ft x-mas Tree with Santa's sleigh crashed into one side, and Santa hanging off the top on the other side. Tooo CUTE!
We made a deal, They are set up, but We won't be turning them on until either: The first Snowfall of Winter; or Dec. 1st. And maybe if we have people over before that, just for fun.
Come On Snow!

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