Thursday, November 11, 2010

Try Somthing New: RideShare

I spent my day in a police car with a Pakistan immigrant.

Let me explain a little.

I needed a ride to PEI to visit the rents. so I looked into a new way to travel : RideShare - a section found on Kijiji for people to organise carpooling and such.
The guy offering the ride is in Freddy doing an Undergrad, from Pakistan. We picked up 2 other people for the trip: a hippy drama boy, and a chick from Slovakia?

It was one of the weirdest trips I've had in a long time. I kind of crawled into my shell and kept to myself as we tore down the highway in this old retired police car which my Packy friend had come to own through an auction...i think...

We listened to r&b while Pack head-bopped to the tunes and swerved around cars. We got lost once, turned around illegally -since Pack thinks his police car gives him super powers...; Took a fun detour through Moncton; stopped in Sackville to drop off a laptop; and at one point, we drove backwards in a drive-threw... I'm Serious! No Lie!

Everyone told their story of how they came to be in Freddy, and why they were traveling. As I listened, I made notes and sent them through text to my Fiance, in case I was abducted or killed in this adventure.
The best response I got from Big D. was: "Don't worry, I got his licence plate # before you drove off"
Me: lol! This is why I love you, you totally get me!

I was very happy to meet my parents on the other end of the Bridge, and called Big D right away to let him know I was safe and sound.

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