Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Girl Guide Cookies make the world go round

So, My work placement started off on a bit of a messy point. I found myself asking, "WTF am I doing here?" a few times my first day and had a mid-life-crisis while staring at the wall of my empty office for 4 hours. Long story short - My "Mentor" -Jim from the office- quit before I started my placement. So, no one really knew what to do with me the first day. So, I mostly sat in my office, and drank lots of coffee...

While sitting alone, studying for my Cert. and drinking coffee, I decided to make my own destiny and not let this little life trial halt my path to success. I made a goals list, and gave it to my Head BossLady. She loved the input, and basically let me take it from there.

Today was MUCH Better! And Thanks to my local girl-guide-leader-friend, Lady P., I took in some yummy chocolate covered girl guide cookies; strategically placed them by the coffee machine; and, as I had hoped, everyone in the office made a pass at my office to say hello and thank you! Score one for me!
And Then.... The best adventure happened! I needed to pee; so I went in search of the bathroom. I should tell you, the company I work for is tight on security and confidentiality, So What I can divulge will be little else than ramblings of office jargon and silliness. As I was in search of relief, I was informed of the "Secret Code" to access the bathroom! How intense is that!?! You need codes to get in everywhere, even the bathroom! This was the highlight of my day.
So, Things are looking up. It's not so bad.

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