Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleepwalking #4: Squashed Like A Bug

This morning at 5:30 am, I woke up to being squashed like a bug - Literally!

The first thing I remember is Big D. laughing; or giggling. It seems his alter ego is a child of the age range 6 to 8 years old. This explains why he gets the shiny eyes, and child like responses when I interact with him during these periods.

I haven't been straight up about derby practice... I'm so sore, everything hurts and I am hobbling around my house. a slight poke sends my muscles into utter pain convulsions.

(Picture from Google Images) Big D. was sitting up in bed, laughing at a "Moth" and trying to squish it. and at some point, while I was rolling over, he saw Me and either thought I was a moving moth or that it was on me, and thought he had to squish me!

As I squealed from the pain I was feeling, from the pressure he was putting on my arms and legs, he woke up.

Big D.: *Wakes up* "its a moth. I was squishing it."
Me: "You hurt me"
Big D.: "oh, sorry, there was a moth"

He then lay back down, and drifted back to sleep. It's funny because I can see his transition from sleep walking back to real sleep. It's that slow talking, lowering voice, detached words, until it all simmers into nothing but a slow breathing pattern.
Lucky for me, I dont need to be at work until 1pm, so I can make up for lost sleep in the morning! But Big D. will be very tired; he always is after a night of busy mind adventures. We'll wake up; I'll ask him how he's feeling, He'll say very tired, and I'll tell him about the nights adventure. He'll reply with a stunned look, and say, "Really? I dont remember anything". And that will be that.

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