Sunday, September 19, 2010

Try Something New: Roller Derby?

While wondering the local Sunday market, I met the local roller derby Team. The few ladies I met had the fun hair and harsh metal look about them. They handed me a flyer which read: "if you can't play Nice play Roller Derby!!!"

(this is their team logo; kinda scary, at least it's pink!)
We chatted for a bit as I dug for info on the sport. There are about 25 ladies in the Freddy area team; it's for ladies 19 and older; and you have to pay an insurance fee to play. Sounds intriguing....

I'm not on the wagon yet. I admit to being a hard ball myself; but I'm not into scraping the way I was back in high school. But, I'm totally sold on the cute roller-skates they wear; and the crazy outfits I would get to rock.

If you are in the freddy area, and would lie to join, check them out on Facebook: "Capital City Rollers"or email at

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