Saturday, September 18, 2010

Be Cool; thats what we do.

Check out "Homemade Jamz Blues Band"

I had the privilege of rocking a V.I.P. pass to Harvest Jazz and Blues Fest in Freddy Saturday via LosCabosDrumsticks, for whom I give HR consultations and am very good friends with the family. Miss Artist Relations and I took off backstage as soon as Homemade Jazz left the stage. This drum chic, Taya age 11, is Amazing!!! So Young, So Fresh, So Talented! And the perfect idol for all teenage girls! WE JUST HAD TO MEET HER! **not to mention, her nice-to-look-at brothers were chatting with us too....**

There was the general exchange of business cards and a verbal promise to get in touch after jazz fest ends. We met the family, and made plans to give Taya a tour of the stick factory. To us, this was a successful meet and greet. So we continued our night with over full glasses of wine, until we'd hit our limits, maxed the business account, and proceeded to stumble home to a cozy warm bed.

Seriously! Check Taya Out! She Rocks! And so does the band!!! Woohooooo!

*I had to post this as soon as i got home; because I know tomorrow the deets will be foggy, and everyone needs to hear this chics wicked sound! Now; I'm off to snuggly buggly bed with my doggy loves* CHEERS to another great one

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