Monday, September 20, 2010

Power Point: A Girlfriends Guide

I've begun a new course; PowerPoint. And I will now share with you, the skills that will make you a master of this art!

First; I have come to the conclusion that my nails need a trim... unfortunately working with computers is much harder and slower with my extra-long acrylic nails.

***I was going to post a pic here, but I realised just how gross they look. seriously, google "long acrylic nails" ...ick.***

Second; The course book is super slow reading too, so I recommend playing spider solitaire, and EBay shoe shopping instead.

And Third; for the independent projects we get to be a bit creative. For these, I recommend pirating hilarious pics of your friends and putting captions with them to help depict your work. Trust me, you'll get brownie points for this one.

Finally; I recommend using your new PowerPoint skills to create a presentation for all of your closest friends on why supporting you financially is a good and valid cause! *think of the tax breaks, the good feelings of helping you out, the pride in sharing

*You've successfully passed the "Girlfriends Guide to PowerPoint"; Congratulations!

*Print and fill out the certificate below; you are awesome!

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  1. this is great! I needed a laugh today-thanks!