Monday, September 27, 2010


I am a proud member of the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick (HRANB).

This is particularly interesting this week because we kick off our first Fredericton Session of the Year! The topic is:
“One of My Employees Just Sent Me a Friend Request”: The Impact of Social Media Tools on Your Organization.

I have a feeling this event will be much like a session of "Hot Topics" on "The View"; and I can't wait!

If this appeals to you and you are in the area on Thursday, September 30th, 8am-10am, check out the info page at HRANB Events

***Side note:

I had to ask my dreamy instructor for the morning off to go to this event. .... I had to talk to him! .... it took all my courage not to blush and be a total cluts while talking to him.

He MUST like me! He told me to go, and have fun! Hehe.....

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