Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Monday!

Friday night recap - because I failed to tell you all how awsome my new pose' is!

Friday night, I went to a dinner-esque party. Our Fabulous host, Lady J., made tons of amazing food; she's an amazing cook and makes everything from scratch!
I stuffed myself on cheese ball, chocolate cookies, and cheesecake; while drinking entirely too much; and not feeling so well.

The nights plan was to have a drinks and games night; but we never made it to the games part. My night mainly focused on how to have a baby; lol. I had all the mommys in the room help me make a plan; and in particular what to do to choose what sex I want to have. *Have you seen the "Back-up Plan" ? Well, these ladies are all now my labour team! They just don't know it yet.*

It's Monday! And Big D. is Home!!! Well, he was home late saturday night. but this morning really meant he was home. We woke up, and started getting ready for the day in our typical way:
Big D. blasts the techno, and we dance!

It makes my heart happy. Happy Monday Everyone!

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