Thursday, August 5, 2010

Potential dream job

***Try Something New: Actively attain a work related goal. Big Check on That!***

I may have landed my drem job! I Love Karma!

I hooked up a friend with a sweet job in the fitness field. I just happened to know a person who's personal business needed sme new fitness employees. So I connected the two of them, and Voila! They clicked and life is great. Then, it turns out they were conversing about how Fabulous I am; and my business friend revealed she has a position for an HR person, which is currently empty! Sweet, sweet, turn of events for me!

We are going to get together and re-develop the position to better fit my skills and qaulifications. And I'll basically be her personal assistant for 4 weeks, doing my HR placement for school there. Then if I'm happy at the end of the placement period, and she has realised why she can't live without me; I'll have my dream job!

I can't get over how fabulous I am right now. hahaha. It's like I finally have caught and placed all of my ducks in a perfect little row of yellow happiness.
I've dealt with all things that have been pulling me down emotionally; I've faced those pesky fake friends; and I've cleared my schedule for nothing but fun fabulous times!
Next on the list: Big D comes home in less than 3 weeks! EEk, I will be so happy to see him again!

Keep the good karma flowing people! we are on a role!

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