Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Signature Drink

Big D is in Alberta for work right now; but he's so amazing, He did a little wedding treasure hunt for me, and found my "Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup" That I've been dreaming of. Here is some of the lovely things we can do with them:
My Signature drink for the Wedding - Champagne with 1 edlible flower to make a pink champagne fruty drink. In the following picture:
Wild Hibiscus Flower Garnish
¼ oz natural rose water
2/3 oz Wild Hibiscus Syrup

Our Wild pink version of the apple-tini - playful & super smooth! Whilst lee would like to take credit for this one it was first mixed by his wife Jocelyn using some left over apple puree commissioned from 6 month old daughter Lily... Subsequent testing with normal apple puree proved that baby food gives a much smoother result on the palate for this cocktail.

2 oz vodka
3 oz apple puree (baby food is smoothest!)
1 oz wild hibiscus flower syrup
Wild Hibiscus Flower, cherry & chopstick for garnish

Stuff Wild Hibiscus Flower with cherry, skewer from side with chopstick for garnish
Shake together ingredients on ice
Strain into glass
Lay chopstick over the glass

The Forbidden fruit... the Wild Flower...
(& the skewered cherry! LOL) from the Garden of Eden - Enjoy.
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