Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Tales from the Housewife diaries

It has been a great weekend!

My rents came for yet another visit, and this time they came on a mission! My Daddykins and I worked on the house a bit. We installed a clothes line in the back yard; replaced the tacky track lighting in the kitchen and the sunroom with some modern dome lights; did a major clean up; and did a tone of shopping!
Did I mention Daddykins mowed my lawn for me last weekend! It's true, a girl will always need her parents!

And I still have a tone of house keeping to do before the weather turns cold. My "Honey-Do" list for the Hubby grows longer everyday! Our first year in our very own home has been a good one; but it sure is a lot of work!

***Update on the garden!***
I have one thumb sized tomato, which is still green on the vine. Thats it for the veggie patch... FAIL. Our flowers have been doing well. 80% of them stayed alive and grew bigger. Until this past week that is. Then the rents 2 gigantor-beast-dogs tornadoed threw the yard for 3 days... now we're at about 50% of the flowers left.

So, I've proven I'm a very, VERY amature gardener. but it was fun while it lasted. Now I plan on digging up the vegie patch and doing the next best thing - Putting a hot tub there!

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