Monday, July 5, 2010

30 Vows of Summer

"30 Vows of Summer"

Lots of ladies are embracing the wonderful summer by challenging themselves to do more this summer and follow along with a checklist. Here is my cheklist; things I have done are in BOLD:

1. Glam it up for no reason other than I Am FABULOUS
2. Wear a bathing suit and NOT rip myself apart about how I look in it.
3. Go kayaking.
4. Drink wine before noon. (anyone wish to join me for a saturday morning sangria???)
5. Go to as many "Secret Fredericton" locations I possibly can/can find.
6. Get Big D to play hookie and go shopping with me instead!
7. Go camping! ...7.2 lets do it Again!
8. Congratulate one of my best friends for signing a big name drummer
9. Get in touch with my inner monkey at Treego!!!
10. Watch several World Cup soccer games.
11. Blanket & Basket + Wine = Picnic.
12. Drive and get lost somewhere we've never been.
13. eat fresh fruit and veggies all summer.
14. Accidentally discover that I'm really good at something new.
15. Open a joint bank account with my Fiance.
16. Skip out of class for a day for some "mental health" healing time.
17. Create a new recipe all by myself!
18. Find a place to go skinny dipping.
19. Go to a local wine tasting.
20. Sink my feet into some sand, and leave them there all day.
21. Kick my addiction to lazing on the couch.
22. Eat breakfast in bed.
23. Host an all girl's pool party.
24. Embrace my Inner Sexy Vixen and make mud masks from instant coffee
25. Log off for an entire day. No email, no blogger, no Facebook!
26. Attend an All Girls River Run! Tubing and Girly Drinks!
27. Find the perfect backyard lounge chair, complete with cup holder. (Big D's Anti-Gravity Chair!)
28. Celebrate an anniversary in high style at a fancy restaurant. (My Birthday!!!)
29. Show My Real Sexy, Smart and Strong; by doing things WITHOUT a man!
30. Walk on the beach at midnight

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  1. Ooh, you modified my list! Highly flattered ;)

    Glad you got yourself all glammed up. Good for you!