Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fab Drinks

So, I Tried Something NEW. but not that new... it's wine. and we all know I'm wine savy. hehe.

My friend and I saw this cute bottle of red wine called "Little Black Dress" and we simply had to grab a bottle! It's such a cute look, with a hanger, little dress, and red heals on the bottle. very classy for the classy ladies out there! The sweetness is a "0" and it's a bit dry. I definitely smell a woody-something in it. It reminds me of a fancy perfume you save and spritz on for fancy nights out with the beau. It was only $15, so it tastes good and doesn't break the bank either. A definite plus in my books, and I will be keeping a bottle around for those fancy ladies nights. *See my little cork stopper friend the penguin; isn't he just so cute! He gaurds my wine*


My 25th birthday drinking' buddy! Malibu Rum, the celebration edition "Malibu By U". It came with 4 Malibu theme color markers and we could draw on the bottle. So Fun! A great spin on the already well selling liquor. But I'm not a huge fan of coconut rum... so, I mostly bought it for the bottle and the markers, haha.

Over all, my birthday was pretty low key. Not too shabby. I went out to a fancy dinner with my good friend m. and Big D. at the "Blue Door". It was . . . almost ordinary.

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