Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boys are Stupid!

Last night the Fiance and I had a huge blow up. I spent a large part of the night screaming and crying. While he continued to tell me I ruin his fun and I should let him act like a slut. :P
the story goes: my fiance is at a house party being overly-nice to a skinny native chic, and I got upset, but he tells me it's my fault, and I'm over reacting???
Well, today I further proved my point that he needed to think about why I was so upset. I ignored him. told him to F* of a few times when he tried to say I love you. And wouldn't carry on a decent conversation like an adult. Since according to him, I'm such a debby-downer, I thought I'd play the part in full until he realised just how serious I was.

He went out on a short canoe trip with one of our guy friends, and when he came back, he apologised. we had a chat. worked it out. and then he took me shopping!

Yes that's right! He was an uber-dick; and I got new shoes!

(Demoya from Spring)

So my day started looking up. We went for a motorbike ride, and stopped at a local place called "Jives" for supper. The food there is amazing!

While having our supper, Big D. made a Tee time for a round of golf in PEI next weekend. Then we called my mother to let her know we're doing better and making plans for the weekend at the cottage.

Then my mother told me....ready for it????

MY DRESS IS IN!!!!!!!! Epic Happiness!!!!! I am going in Friday to try it on!
And now the world is right again.


  1. mmmmm...JIVES! I adore Jives :)

    Mr Big and I just had a semi-fight regarding was basically just him being a smart ass. He said "you know what, you have too many shoes" and I retorted "you know what, I think YOU are having entirely too much sex" CHECK AND MATE!

  2. OMG! LOL!!! that was a good one! you're definately my kind of lady!