Monday, June 28, 2010

... did I mention...

Apparently my dress is the talk of the town. I come from a small city in PEI, where the girls buy fancy dresses for big events like weddings; but no one has ever bought a dress like mine. and the store owner is giving my mother the star treatment while she takes care of business for me! My mother tells me that half the town is talking about how big, fabulous and expensive my dress is. I'm so lucky!

The rain is pouring down. the lights have gone out. a little power outage, to remind me....

I need to drink faster! my ice cubes will melt!

Why am I drinking at noon on a monday??? Cuz it's my birthday silly! And it's perfect in every way! Today I'm a quarter of a century old. That's a definite milestone worth celebrating during a rain storm.

and I'm so excited because we're making big plans for Canada Day in PEI; Where my family will be celebrating our 10th anniversary as Canadians! Big Reunion; Dress fitting with my 3 best ladies - Mom, Maid of Honor, and God-Mother; Canada Day in the prettiest place of all; and fireworks out the wazzooo!

**background check: some of you are probly wondering why I've only been Canadian for 10 years. My family is from South Africa. We moved here when I was 8. Landed in NFLD during a snow storm in January. I didn't know what snow was until this.... what a nice introduction.... Then my family moved to PEI; and in the year 2000, on Canada Day, We received our legal citizenship papers and it was awesome!**

So now we're all up to speed on my crazy fabulous life.

Cheers to a Quarter Century! And being Canadian! and one more round for my beautiful dress!!!!


  1. OK.....

    1. Canada is so lucky to have someone as fabulous as you!

    2. Being 1/4 century old is great! wooo 25!

    3. Your dress, well your dress is.....WOW! AMAZING!!! and so are you :)