Friday, May 28, 2010


The Methods to my Shopping Madness Revealed!

my friends say I could find a clothing store in a cave 500 feet under ground. It's very true. If there's a hospital, I'm probably in the gift shop. If I was stuck on a desert island, the first thing I would do is build a small Chic-Shop-Shack, to fill my utterly ridiculous shopping addiction. Through my years in retail I've learned a few very important tricks to obtaining the Ultimate Must Have Closet! I can sell milk to a cow, and I can shop as if the credit card bill would never come.

I fell in love with this perfume the minute I saw the print on the bottle!

I had been flipping through a new magazine when I came across the add for Sarah Jessica Parker's new Perfume SJP NYC Coming Soon! Instant heart racing excitement and glee filled me!

So I began the hunt-and-wait. This is when you pin point stores that will potentially carry the product you are yearning for. Estimate related dates and events that would spur shopper frenzy over the item. And finally, rummage through store catalogues, question the sales girl about the new products, and get an idea of when you will be able to finally catch your buried treasure.

Sex and the City 2 released Wednesday at midnight! This meant that any store wishing to make the new perfume a hot-piece would put up posters, flyer's, and "Give-aways"!

Naturally, I found the first flyer with a whole page add for the perfume in a Shoppers flyer.

Then I made my plan. If Shoppers had it, surely Sears would have it. (these are the only good perfume carrying store in my town... otherwise I would be an addict at Macy's) And if Sears had it, they would probably have a gift with purchase happening to promote the Release of the Movie!

So I get my roomie in gear and we set sail for some booty.

We stroll into Sears and wonder around the perfume counters for about.... 20 seconds, then we spot it! In all it's glory! and behind it; BINGO! It comes with lotion and a Big Gold Bag!!!! Ultimate Love. I "Eeek" in excitement and the sales girl hands my treasure over to me. What Success! There is ultimately nothing like a good shopping trip to make the world right again. *sigh*

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