Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smells Pretty

I can't walk down the street without men stopping and turning to get a second *whiff* of my new SJP NYC. I literally had a man walk behind my friend and I yesterday; and interject upon our convo with "Who smells so nice!?"

SJP NYC is a nice light smell of floral and something sweet. The sweet smell must be strawberry as I've read it on reviews. It is definitely my new favorite smell.
Here are my top 4 fragrances:

1. SJP NYC - the bottle is Fabulous and the smell is amazing!

2. Britney Spears - Fantasy; because it smells like Cotton Candy, and it instantly makes me happy when I spritz it on. Plus the bottle it comes in is a young girls dream, pink and dazzled with green diamonds. My closet-room is painted whith the same colors; so girly and perfect!

3. Betsey Johnson's - "Betsey Johnson" check the Web Description . This is a strong smell that makes me feel powerful and sexy.

4. So Pink from GAP - Big D describes it as my Island Smell because it brings back nice memories for him; hehe. I have a small amount left in a bottle that I keep at my parents place in PEI, and wear it when we go on Vaca there. Its light and pretty, the prefect beachy/flirty perfume. and I love the name!

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