Saturday, April 10, 2010

random thoughts of the day

1. you know what's dumb? Inside jokes. whats the point of having a good joke, if you aren't going to share it?

2. I have a camera, but no usb cord for it (I think Big D stole it; but he's denying it to the death). so I have pics piling up and no way to post them. so sad...

3. I hope to start blogging about my Porcelain dolls which I inherited from my grand mother. I'm going to give each one a name and a cute biography.

4. we separated the diamond sparrows from the zebra finches. the sparrows are back to singing their chainsaw song... soooo creepy.... someone should show me how to post videos, and I'll make a video entry of them singing!

5. today I'm wearing pink from head to toe! and I love it!

6. I Have a New Follower! This makes me happy!

7. the following pic reminded me of my Best Lady Steph. Cheers, to all our late night Wine and B*tch Sessions!

that's it for now. have a fabulous Saturday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there.... I am your newest follower. I hope that makes you happy. i am Ratz by the way and i came here from 'Actually, Ashley'. I liked this post of yours very much, i agree new followers make everyone happy.
    I also liked the pic. I am really lucky to have the best of friends. And sorry about that USB cord. I can so... understand the situation.
    Hop over to my blog sometime