Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Dear *caution potty humor ahead*

Today started off great! My HR class had a Class Loving this morning; where instead of doing work, we all just talked about how our group dynamics are AWESOME! We have the best class because we all get along, are mature, and are here for the right reasons. It was a warm and fuzzy moment that just happened. And it was great.

I had a group presentation in which we took our class on a "road-trip" to a local business and met with the HR Manager there.

But before this happened, there is a small unsightly event I am going to tell you about. It's one of those stories that would fit perfectly into TMI Thursdays from a blog I follow:

it was time to go on our field trip. as always, I'd spent 2 hours in class with a very large coffee. (my morning routine- drink way to much coffee to help get through the early mornings) I was dying to pee. So I make a break for the bathroom as the class starts to shuffle out of their seats. I burst in to the bathroom, only to be met by a foul smell and a floater!
I make a weird "EEEeeeeh" sound in disgust, like word vomit, it just eeks out. and I'm sure people in the hall think I'm doing something very strange in there from my shrieking... I try to flush the abandoned mess. But to my dismay..... It won't go down!!! SICK!!!

at this point I'm bursting to pee more than ever; so I make a break for the lunch room bathroom and hope no one sees me leaving that one and think I'm the floater loafer. Completely disgusting.

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