Thursday, April 29, 2010

*Isn't It Ironic... Don't You Think*

My best friend is going in to have surgery done on Monday. She is getting her "Tubes Tide", and will no longer be able to have babies. She's very excited, and has waited a long time for the paper work to go through on this. So, because she is happy, I am happy for her too.

But I'm still waiting for my period... (i know, gross). and at the moment, I am almost wishing it doesn't come.

I was sitting in a meeting today and one discussion example was of 35 year old moms doing their grade 3 child's homework. And I couldn't help but smile to myself and think; I hope that's me at 35; with a little family, and a sweet house-wife life.

I have extreme baby fever right now. and It's not going away! and next week I will play devils advocate to my best friend as she takes a new step into her single-and-fabulous life of Big Decisions. It's so crazy how life spins us around...


  1. It is kinda ironic. Yes! But it is her decision. I guess so you will be supporting her nonetheless.

  2. I think that sometimes with the right person in our lives we can want and wish for things we didn't think we ever wanted. I long to have a family too and a nice little home in the next couple years :)