Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Try Something New, Event #4

Cognitive Dissonance

I've decided I love this idea! haha, get it? Idea!
CogDi is what I am going to call it for short; and it is the state of mind in which a person becomes frustrated when something in reality is not how they imagined it to be.

This definition of CogDi inspires me to get artsy and make a series of works related to this topic.
  • A cow-horse. a horse with markings like a cow.
  • my house as a castle, but it's surrounded by an ant farm of sand... (my reality is not far from this at the moment hehe)
  • birds under water
  • a cell phone that works?

well, who knows. tones of potential here! So my New Phrase is CogDi! how excellent!

I hope you also learned something new today!

and Remember, if you have ideas or suggestions; post them here!

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