Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My Mummy sent me a funny today. She is notorious for Junk Mail! And if she wasn't my mother, I would have banished her to Spam a long time ago. But today I had a much needed laugh at one of her forwarded emails; and thought you all might need a laugh too!
I enjoyed the picture of the fridge so much, that I decided to go into my own fridge and put happy faces on anything I could grab. Just think about it; if you walk into a room full of smiling people, you're bound to feel good and smile back!

So I took off with my sharpie black marker and went to work. I got about half way and my interest wained. Then I realised I was Discriminating! If HR has taught me ANYTHING, it's not to discriminate! So..........

I Pulled out my Brown Sharpie! And continued on!

He he, it's like a perfect peaceful Utopia in my fridge! I can't wait to see what Big D says when he realises whats happened to our food!


  1. I think this is the greatest and the most funniest mail ever sent. I enjoyed it a lot. And that fridge idea is simply super duper

  2. i think a smiling fridge would make everyday ten times better.

  3. I think you should take a picture of your fridge! :) That is a wicked idea!

  4. if only i could find my camra usb cord, but sadly it is still mia, so no pics...