Thursday, April 15, 2010

irrational fear?

Today during class break I looked up my horoscope. this is something fun I tend to do when I am bored. But today's horoscope said nothing fun, or happy; only a warning that I may be in a car accident, argue with co-workers, or have other bad things happen to me. So basically it told me to run and hide!

I'm not a total horoscope freak, so I did think critically about this before taking it to heart. So in natural scientific fashion, I decided to compare my findings and do further research by taking a Tarot Card reading. Dun Dun Dun. more bad news.

my tarot card reading told me I'm going to face confrontation and need to back off, turn and run. that today I cannot win. That the best place for me was at home hiding under the covers.(the cards i picked were the chariot, the hang man, and the moon, if you were curious)

So, after class, I took off home, and now I'm hiding out. I won't even test the boundaries of Facebook, because that is a prime site for drama and negativity on a day like this! So.... if anyone needs me; I'm at home hiding out with a glass of wine, to calm my nerves. Being totally irrational; while also enjoying the excuse to stay home and be lazy for a day.

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